Michael Rossi

Michael A. Rossi

Michael Rossi joined Corporate Wings in 1984 and has been a leader in the development of innovative business strategies in the aviation industry. Today, Michael is a principal in Directional Aviation.

Michael Rossi

As a testament to the long-term relationships Ricci enjoys with the leaders of Directional Aviation, he and Rossi have been personal friends for decades.

Rossi’s extensive experience touches on all areas of general aviation, including jet fractional ownership, jet card programs, fixed-base operations, maintenance facilities, management of aircraft and the buying and selling of corporate aircraft. He has also been involved in the financing, purchases, mergers and divesting of all the facets of general aviation mentioned above.

In 2005, Rossi served as the Chief Financial Officer of the restructured Mercury Air Centers, where he was instrumental in increasing EBITDA by over 200%, a result of acquisitions and operating efficiencies. Mercury Air Centers’ 24 FBOs were ultimately sold to Macquarie Infrastructure Trust in 2007 in a deal valued at $615 million.

Currently Rossi works with all Directional Aviation’s companies, providing guidance with capital, financing and operational needs and strategies. A graduate of John Carroll University, Michael is a Certified Public Accountant.